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A Statement From the White Helmets on the Comprehensive Action Plan in the Phase of Removing the Rubble Left by the Earthquake

The removal of rubble is a critical step in helping affected communities recover from the earthquake's devastation.

Within the framework of the comprehensive response plan to the devastating earthquake that struck the region on February 6, and the long recovery from its effects, The White Helmets announces the start of a rubble removal phase on a wide geographical scale that includes all the affected cities and towns in northwestern Syria.

To implement the rubble removal operations, The White Helmets has developed an integrated plan and coordinated with local councils to prioritize the removal of buildings within urban areas and areas that the earthquake greatly impacted the lives of communities. Once those buildings have been addressed, The White Helmets will move on to buildings located further from the urban scope and areas that have been impacted to a lesser degree.

The White Helmets is committed to the legal determinants of preserving the rights of owners of demolished real estate and their property. To this end, a specialized committee has been formed to obtain authorization from residents and oversee the distribution of recovered materials from the recycling process.

Throughout the rubble removal process, The White Helmets is dedicated to an environmentally friendly approach that minimizes the consequences of the rubble's presence within residential neighborhoods and contributes to the rehabilitation of infrastructure in a quick and efficient manner. The recycling of rubble will adhere to standards related to environmental risks to ensure that the process is deliberate and does not have any harmful consequences on the environment, while also aiding in the recovery of local communities.