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Women's Centers of the Syrian Civil Defense Launch Campaign "A Medic in Every Home"

The importance of this campaign comes from the need to build the capabilities of women in the local communit

The women's centers in the Syrian Civil Defense launched a campaign under the title "A paramedic in every home", which is an important step to compensate for the shortage of medical personnel that has been depleted by the war and Coronavirus pandemic, to train women to respond to life-saving aid procedures. to have in every home a paramedic able to deal with emergencies with the correct skill to ensure that the injured person reaches a specialist or until he reaches the hospital.

The importance of this campaign comes from the need to build the capabilities of women in the local community and raise their awareness of performing first aid for their families in the event of any sudden accident, as first aid is considered a lifesaver if it is done in the right time and the right way.

Each women's center in the White Helmets (the number of women's centers is 33 centers distributed all over northern Syria) will implement two nursing courses for 30 housewives, each course lasts for 5 days, and the total number of beneficiaries of the campaign is 990 women.

The training areas composed of very important topics, including the concept of first aid, vital signs, how to use the oximeter, inhaler, and oxygen jar at home, clearing the airway, measures of bleeding, fractures, and burns, measures of epilepsy, and poisoning, all of which are very important axes that women need to know to be able to deal With cases that occur at home to members of her family.

The campaign is carried out under the supervision of specialized trainers from the White Helmets, and the training will include theoretical sessions, practical sessions, the delivery of certificates, in addition to the distribution of emergency bags to the beneficiaries.

During the last period, the Syrian Civil Defense teams have intensified awareness-raising rounds and sessions for civilians, especially ways to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, and also organized two first-aid classes in Idlib and its countryside at the end of November of last year,

The number of courses within the campaign is 66, and the number of

beneficiaries is 990 women

which included theoretical lessons and practical applications on the principles of first aid, and information about blood pressure diseases, diabetes, and how to measure pulse and temperature.