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Fifth Consecutive Day of Intensified Bombing in Idlib and Aleppo Countryside

In just the the first four days of September, our teams have responded to 65 attacks resulting in the loss of 9 civilian lives and the injury of 27 others, with some in critical condition.

Today, on Tuesday, September 5, the regime forces, along with Russian allies and their loyal forces, have intensified their bombardment in Idlib countryside. This relentless assault is directly hitting residential neighborhoods and public facilities, resulting in significant damage to civilian homes and two mosques. As a consequence, civilians in multiple areas of the southern Idlib countryside are forced to flee, seeking safety from the ongoing bombings.

The village of Billion in the southern Idlib countryside experienced a heavy missile bombardment by regime forces that targeted residential neighborhoods without resulting in any civilian casualties.

In addition, regime forces launched a heavy artillery and missile assault on civilian residences and agricultural lands in the villages of Kafr Aweed and Sufuhin, located in Jabal Al-Zawiya, south of Idlib. Furthermore, they targeted a mosque, a cemetery, and civilian homes in the village of Al-Mozara, as well as the Great Mosque and residential neighborhoods in the town of Al-Bara within the same region. These attacks resulted in significant material damage but did not cause any casualties among civilians.

The bombing coincided with a heightened presence of reconnaissance planes, actively monitoring and targeting any movement. This posed significant challenges for White Helmets teams as they attempted to respond to the targeted areas across multiple regions in the southern countryside of Idlib.

In the countryside of Aleppo, the outskirts of the village of Kafr Maz, near Maryamin, north of Aleppo, were subjected to missile strikes coming from areas of joint control by regime forces and the Syrian Democratic Forces without causing any civilian casualties.

Many civilians fled from the town of Al-Ghandoura in the eastern countryside of Aleppo, coinciding with ongoing attacks originating from areas jointly controlled by the regime forces and the Syrian Democratic Forces. These attacks have been targeting the eastern countryside of Aleppo for several days. Many families in the region are still without a secure refuge to shield them from the deliberate shelling directed at them.

Up until now, during the initial four days of September, our teams have responded to a staggering 65 attacks. These attacks resulted in the loss of 9 civilian lives and the injury of 27 others, with some in critical condition. The continuous attacks have cast a shadow of terror and fear over the civilian population, who are living in constant dread of further bombings and are resorting to mass displacement in a desperate bid to evade the looming threat of death.

From the beginning of this year 2023 until Sunday, August 27, our teams responded to 491 attacks by the regime forces, Russia and the militias loyal to them. These attacks killed 55 people, including 9 children and 5 women, and injured 225 people, including 78 children and 32 women.

The continued escalation threatens the lives of more than 4 million civilians residing in northwestern Syria, including those in displacement camps, who have sought refuge in this region, their last sanctuary, after more than 12 years of war by the regime and Russia. These attacks have relentlessly targeted the lives and well-being of the people in the area as part of a systematic policy designed to instill fear among innocent civilians and deprive them of the opportunity to lead normal lives.

It is imperative that the international community takes immediate action to halt these deadly terrorist attacks. Those responsible for these systematic crimes against the Syrian population must be held accountable for their actions to deter such atrocities from continuing and ensure justice prevails.