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We dream of the day when our work pulling bodies from the rubble ends and we can dedicate all our efforts to re-building this country. We believe this can only happen in a free and democratic country where the rights of all are respected.

A reconstructed Syria

The last eight years of conflict have destroyed the country, with estimates for reconstruction running into hundreds of billions. While there is much discussion in foreign capitals of new developments, we are focused on rebuilding Syria from the ground up. This work is already underway: we have reconstructed homes and neighbourhoods, electrical and sewage works.

When the bombs finally stop falling we want to expand our teams to be able to support rebuilding across the country. We have trained teams of engineers, construction workers and the equipment needed to rebuild Syria street by street. We want to use our heavy vehicles currently used to clear bomb sites to be used instead for rebuilding houses. We want to use our drills to cut concrete for new pavements and roads, instead of cutting people free from rubble. We want to rebuild schools, not to have to fortify for them against the next missile strike.

We dream of a Syria rebuilt by Syrians.

A safe Syria

The physical remnants of the conflict run like scars across our country. The most dangerous of these are the huge number of unexploded weapons littering both urban and rural areas. It is impossible to get an accurate assessment of these devices but we estimate it to be in the hundreds of thousands, if not much higher. Each of these devices risks the life and limb of the civilian who comes across it, and tragically they are often discovered by children.

We already have a small number of specialized teams working that have removed more 20,000 unexploded weapons. We want to expand this work until we have a safe country where no parents has to worry about their children playing in their street or the countryside.

A just Syria

Since our formation we have been the first-responders to some of the worst violations of international humanitarian law of our era. Our volunteers have responded to chemical weapons attacks, strikes on aid convoys and the repeated targeting of hospitals.

We believe that Syria will only have sustainable peace when the perpetrators of all attacks on civilians are brought to justice. We need a process of transitional justice and accountability. To realise this vision we will continue our work providing evidence and testimony on war crimes until every Syrian family that has suffered receives justice. Only then do we have the hope of living in peace.

A united Syria

Rebuilding and reconstructing Syria is much more than a physical task. Rather it starts with the rebuilding of every individual, every family, every community. As a Syrian organisation built by volunteers, we dream of playing a role in bringing Syrians together.

We want to build bridges between our communities and help create a peaceful, united Syria where the rights of all are respected.