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Ongoing Missile Strikes in Northwest Syria: Relentless Attacks on Displaced Civilians Demand International Action

Rocket shelling originating from areas controlled by the regime forces and the Syrian Democratic Forces has resulted in casualties within a camp for displaced individuals located on the outskirts of Afrin.

Four civilians, including a girl, two women, and a man, sustained injuries due to missile strikes originating from areas controlled by the regime forces and the Syrian Democratic Forces. The strikes targeted Al-Amal camp near Kuyet Al-Rahma camp in the countryside of Afrin, located north of Aleppo. This incident occurred on Saturday, June 17, as another distressing act targeting civilians who sought refuge in camps following the war. These individuals, already displaced and living in tragic conditions, continue to be pursued by the harrowing reality of ongoing bombing campaigns.

Al-Amal camp is among the numerous camps encircling Kuyet al-Rahma camp, which is the largest camp for displaced individuals in the Qibar area of Afrin's countryside, located north of Aleppo. Tragically, the past year has been marked by incessant terrorist attacks in this region, resulting in the loss of numerous innocent lives, including those of children and women.

On October 29 of the previous year, a tragic incident unfolded when a missile attack, originating from areas under the control of the regime forces and Russia, struck the Kuwait Al-Rahma camp during the night. A woman lost her life in the attack, while her husband and child sustained injuries. Additionally, her two other children were left traumatized by the harrowing event. Similarly, on October 25 of the same year, another round of shelling occurred, targeting the Wadi Al-Hamam camp in close proximity to the Kuwait Al-Rahma camp, although no casualties were reported.

The relentless bombing campaigns on the camps intensify feelings of fear and panic among the civilian population, exacerbating their already dire circumstances of homelessness and tragedy. These individuals find themselves residing in camps that lack even the most basic necessities of life, further compounding their hardships.

Between the start of this year and June 15, our teams have responded to a staggering total of 291 attacks originating from various sources. These attacks were launched by the regime forces and Russia, and also included attacks from areas jointly controlled by the regime forces and the Syrian Democratic Forces, as well as drone attacks and explosions, all within the northwestern region of Syria. Among these incidents, there were 237 artillery and missile attacks, along with 3 air attacks conducted by Russian forces.

These attacks and explosions killed 18 people, including 4 children, and injured about 75 people, including 32 children and 14 women.

The recurrent targeting of camps and civilians in northwestern Syria constitutes a flagrant violation of international humanitarian law. These acts are unequivocally terrorist crimes that should not go unpunished. It is imperative for the international community to take resolute action to halt these atrocities and refrain from turning a blind eye to them. Failure to hold the perpetrators accountable only serves to empower the regime, Russia, and their affiliated militias to continue indiscriminately claiming the lives of innocent civilians and perpetuating a culture of impunity.