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Report on the Bombing Incident That Targeted a Non-Operational Medical Center in Taltita Village, Northwestern Countryside of Idlib.

The Report:

At precisely 11:40 PM on Monday, January 15th, the sound of four powerful explosions was heard, resulting from unidentified shelling. At 12:07 AM, our teams received a distress call reporting two casualties in the village of Taltita, near the city of Kafr Takharim, approximately 30 km northwest of Idlib city.

Our teams departed from their center in the city of Kafr Takharim, located approximately 10 km from the village. Upon arrival, the ambulance teams found two individuals with minor injuries. The medical teams confirmed their well-being and proceeded with their mission after being informed by the individuals and villagers that the shelling had targeted a non-operational medical center (clinic) in the village.

The teams proceeded to the location after requesting support from search and rescue teams. Adhering to professional and operational protocols, the search and rescue teams verified the absence of any casualties in the medical center building. The center, a single-story structure, sustained extensive damage and destruction, surpassing 60% of the entire building.

According to a preliminary inspection conducted by our teams on-site, three projectiles landed on and in the vicinity of the building. Two of the projectiles struck the building, with one impacting the roof and the other the eastern side. Meanwhile, the third projectile fell in close proximity to the building on its southwestern side.