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A Statement On the Double-Tap Attack of a White Helmets Rescue Team and the Martyrdom of Volunteer Abdul Basit Ahmed Abdulkhaleq

We mourn the tragic loss of volunteer Abdul Basit Ahmed Abdul Khaleq after a targeted double-tap airstrike by Syrian regime forces.

On the evening of Tuesday, July 11, a tragic incident occurred southeast of the city of Atarib, west of Aleppo. While a White Helmets rescue team was inspecting areas targeted by artillery shelling, they became victims of a targeted attack. The Assad regime, responsible for the attack, employed a guided missile to strike the vehicle in a double-tap strike. This act of terrorism resulted in the tragic loss of volunteer Abdul Basit Ahmed Abdul Khaleq's life.

This heinous act of terrorism serves as a stark reminder of the immense dangers faced by White Helmets volunteers and humanitarian workers in Syria. The deliberate double attack carried out by the Assad regime not only flagrantly disregards the principles of international humanitarian law, but also undermines crucial life-saving efforts.

Despite the persistent dangers and threats we face, we, The White Helmets, affirm our unwavering commitment to our mission of aiding civilians and saving lives. This attack will not deter us from carrying out our vital humanitarian work and our unwavering dedication to assisting the people of Syria during these challenging times. We remain steadfast in our support, especially in the face of 12 prolonged years of war and the profound devastation caused by the catastrophic earthquake.

As we honor the memory of our fallen martyr, along with the 306 volunteers who have lost their lives, the majority of whom fell victim to double attacks by Syrian regime forces and Russia while rescuing civilians, we urgently appeal to the international community, human rights organizations, and individuals who uphold the values of humanity. It is crucial that resolute action be taken to halt these relentless attacks and crimes. Immediate measures must be implemented to ensure the protection and safety of our volunteers, enabling them to carry out their humanitarian duties unhindered. Furthermore, we implore the world to hold the Assad regime accountable for its atrocities against the Syrian people, paving the way for peace to be established in Syria.

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