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A Statement from White Helmets: Commitment to Extinguishing Agricultural Crop Fires and Safeguarding Food Security across Syrian Regions

We strongly urge all concerned parties to prioritize the safety of volunteers and support our efforts to extinguish fires by ensuring unimpeded movement and access to the affected areas in order to effectively combat the fires.

With the onset of harvest season, The White Helmets remain dedicated to responding to the escalating fires in agricultural areas in northern Syria. In the past week alone, our teams have already responded to over fifty fire incidents in northwestern Syria. Simultaneously, we are deeply concerned about the imminent threat to agricultural crops across various regions in Syria.

Driven by our unwavering dedication to humanitarian principles, particularly the principle of impartiality in delivering services, and recognizing the paramount significance of the operational role played by The White Helmets, we are acutely aware of the vital role these agricultural seasons hold in bolstering communities and ensuring their resilience and stability. Therefore, The White Helmets affirm its unwavering preparedness to fulfill its duty and provide assistance in combating these fires and protecting the population's food security.

The harsh reality that has unfolded over the course of 12 years of war in Syria necessitates a pragmatic and compassionate approach from all parties towards the plight of farmers. It is imperative to prioritize the collective welfare and safeguard the food security of a population that has endured unimaginable suffering, compounded by the recent earthquake. The consequences of the fires that ensued will not be confined to a single region. These repercussions will affect the entire population indiscriminately, especially considering the ongoing global food crisis.

While we understand the complexities of the reality on the ground, and the importance of coordination and cooperation between all concerned parties, including local communities, humanitarian organizations and controlling parties, to ensure a comprehensive and rapid response, we at the same time urge all concerned parties to prioritize the safety of volunteers and support our efforts to extinguish the fires immediately by ensuring unhindered movement and access to these fires.

We resolutely uphold our unwavering principles of humanitarian action and impartiality. With utmost determination, we strive to play our part in safeguarding food security in Syria. Hence, we earnestly appeal to all governing entities to extend the necessary facilities to bolster emergency response efforts, fostering stability and recovery for all communities.